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Anti-Ageing Serum Restorative Clarins

Anti-Ageing Serum Restorative Clarins

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Product Information

Super Restorative Remodelling Serum is a concentrate that helps to minimize the appearance of wrinkles and dark spots while improving firmness and luminosity. The texture is silky, leaving the skin soft and replenished. The formula blends powerful botanicals to create an elixir that visibly rejuvenates the skin. To begin with, Harungana plumps the skin and prevents sagging. Additionally, the Narrow-leaf Plantain targets adipose cells to help defining and lifting the facial contours. Equally important, Montpellier Rock-rose minimizes the appearance of dark spots and helps to even the complexion. Also, the formula excludes alcohol, parables and silicones to minimize the risk of allergies.
The serum is a booster that significantly improves the results of your skincare routine. This exceptional serum not only targets wrinkles and loss of firmness but also improves radiance and brightens the skin. Ultimately, the serum rejuvenates the overall appearance of the face, smooths wrinkles, improves firmness and reduces the appearance of dark spots.

Main Ingredients
 Harungana helps to plump the skin and prevents sagging;
 Narrow-leaf Plantain helps to define the facial contours;
 Montpellier Rock-rose significantly minimizes the appearance of dark spots and helps to even the complexion.

How to use
To begin with your morning and evening routine, cleanse and tone the skin. The following step is to apply the Restorative Remodelling Serum. Dispense two pumps of product to the palm of your hands and warm the product. Then, apply to the face and neck with gentle patting motions.