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Anti-Ageing Serum Fermete Orlane - Lindkart

Anti-Ageing Serum Fermete Orlane

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Product Information

A new approach from the field of skin aesthetics, thermal remodeling reactivates the production and contraction of collagen fibers while providing a deep-down solution to skin slackening, which becomes more noticeable around the age of 45.Remodel the face To slow the skin slackening process, Orlane draws inspiration from the latest esthetic-dermatology innovations, thermage and lipofilling.The Firming program stimulates the remodeling of facial shapes and restructures the skin deep down.Once stimulated, the skin’s architecture becomes taut. Its support structures reform and cells are renewed.The face is redefined and the skin is visibly reshaped.Specifically designed to protect this very mobile area, which is often affected by skin slackening Soybean proteins and golden jojoba oil hydrate, protect, repair, and moisturize.Visibly smoothed, tightened, supple and soft, the neck hydrated, firmed and protected.

 Protects against free radicals.
 Firms the delicate skin of the neck.
 Helps prevent and combat slackening.
 Refines, softens and refreshes the skin, leaving it satiny-smooth.
 Non-oily and will not stain.

How to use/Directions
Apply a small amount of serum and smooth in morning and/or night until completely absorbed, staring from the chin and moving toward the base of the neck and low-cut.

Gender: Lady

Skin Type: All skin types

Skin Concerns: Lack of firmness and elasticity

Smart Ingredients: Tourmaline

Key Ingredients: Rye extract Anti-aging Peptide Oat extract Green Tea Vitamin C