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Anti-Ageing Serum Divinskin Anti-pollution Jeanne Piaubert (30 ml)

Anti-Ageing Serum Divinskin Anti-pollution Jeanne Piaubert (30 ml)

Jeanne Piaubert
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Product Information

This serum is also widely known as the youth generator. This makes the skin more radiant and enhances plus improves its glow. As the name suggests, the serum also reduces the damage caused by pollution. This consequently enhances the overall glow of the individuals/users' skin. Furthermore, the skin also becomes more unified and toned. The skin stays protected from the outside aggressors and there is an improvement in the skin tone as well. The skin ends up glowing and the complexion also improves profoundly.



The serum made from Pollustop acts as a barrier and protects the skin from the adverse effects of air pollution. Additionally, it is infused with Bi-Complex Age Protect which helps the skin by increasing collagen production and reducing the signs of aging. Ultimately, the skin regains its youthfulness and glow

How to Use

The serum should be applied on a clean and dry face before starting the normal skincare routine.


Be sure to use a small amount on the face and neck.
Apply in an upward motion.
Use twice a day, every day..


Gender: unisex

Capacity: 30 ml

Skin Type: all

Hypoallergenic: yes
Has been tested
Safe to use: yes
Duration of Use: twice a day