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Anti-Ageing Night Cream Beaulift Isabelle Lancray

Anti-Ageing Night Cream Beaulift Isabelle Lancray

Isabelle Lancray
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Product Information

Skin rejuvenation is a very important process, so it is best to left it to the highest quality product. Isabelle Lancray Beaulift Anti Wrinkle Night Cream is an innovative professional formula to fight the signs of aging. It contains nano-encapsulated active ingredients that are gradually released during the sleep phase and effectively regenerate the skin, eliminating dehydration, wrinkles, folds, flaccidity, and dullness. As a result of regular application of the cream, the skin regains its radiance and a youthful, well-groomed appearance.

 How to use
Use daily in the evening. Apply on cleansed skin.
Gender: Women
Skin Treatment: First Wrinkles
Texture/Format: Cream
Skin Type: All Skin Types
Time of application: Night

Benefits of Isabelle Lancray Beaulift Anti Wrinkle Night Cream:
 suitable for all skin types, including dry;
 intensely moisturizes deep layers of the skin;
 aims at the elimination of visible aging signs;
 provides an intensive rejuvenating effect;
 smoothes deep wrinkles and fine lines;
 activates the regeneration processes;
 protects the skin from aggressive environmental factors;
 nano-encapsulated active ingredients replenish lipid loss;
 prevents dehydration, flaking, and a feeling of tightness;
 combats free radicals, providing antioxidant action;
 compensates for the lack of nutrients and vitamins;
 makes the skin firm, elastic and radiant.